7 Waves

-Surf points around the villa-

To the surf point you’ll use villa’s private boat.It is approximately 7 minutes to the nearest Tikus around Telescope Surf Resort.About 15 minutes to the Telescope, one of the most popular spot in Mentawai.

There are 7 surf spots in the area within 15 minutes, ranging from the beginner to advanced.

The staff who are also local surfers who know the point will guide you to the most suitable point according to the level of the waves, wind and surfer of the day.


{Surf Tide}  All Tide

{Best Tide}  Low Tide~Middle Tide

{Surf Level}  beginner~

{Right or Left} Left. With tube.

{Congestion Degree} Congested on days above head (20~40 surfers)

Left break representing the central area of Mentaiwa. Ripperable shoulder, tube, ideal break.Hold up to triple.Break along the very long leaf path and break the inside, with a long stable tube section that allows for long ride of up to 200m.
Even beginners are very easy to ride on a small day.Deep water is safe and all surfers can be satisfied.During the day on July and August, the south wind is strong, so morning and evening are recommended.


{Surf Tide}  All Tide

{Best Tide} Middle~High Tide

{Surf Level} beginner~

{Right or Left} Left. With Tube.

{Congestion Degree} About 0~25 peoples in July and August

An easy take-off and a moderately stretched shoulder will create an illusion of a two-step improvement.

The peak is divided into three, and the deepest wave is for advanced users who are tube-in front take-off.The middle is easy.The inside waves are perfect for surf schools.

There are always sized waves from heads to chests and 80% is for a beginner’s point.Points of beginner’s paradise where middle and advanced people surf to avoid beginners.

All tide surfs are possible, but low tides are shallow so we recommended that beginners should wear boots.


{Surf Tide} All Tide

{Best Tide} Middle Tide

{Surf Level} Intermediates~

{Right or Left} Left. Sometimes Right.

{Congestion Degree} About 0~20 peoples in July and August

The surf points are most sensitive to swell around Telescope Resort.It is also a big wave point that holds up to triple over. (more than 12ft)A type of the wave that breaks to become shallow suddenly at once from deep water depth.A day when the waves are big, it’s worth visiting in a different dimension.
The inside is even deeper and you can enjoy big waves comparatively and safely.Iceland which has a good  swell response, often keeps its head size even with small waves around the area.Because of this Iceland, telescope surf resorts rarely have no surf and no waves throughout the year.


{Surf Tide} Middle~High tide

{Best Tide} High Tide

{Surf Level} Intermediates~

{Right or Left} Right. Sometimes Left.

{Congestion Degree} About 0~20 peoples in July and August

Breaking waves on the southern straight reef of Awera Island.A popular point as a right break.Because a peak appears at multiple sections and surfers would be scattered so it may not feel relatively crowded.As increasing in size, the same course and the line of the seaside to be one connected huge lined break that becomes waves of advanced tastes. Iceland is also a good point of reaction, so it is often one size larger than the others.


{Surf Tide} High Tide

{Best Tide} High Tide

{Surf Level} intermediates~

{Right or Left} Right. With high speed tube

{Congestion Degree} About 0~20 peoples in July and August

Break of the end area of the leaf that continues from to Tidur.It’s very easy to ride and a beautiful break but you need to be careful of the break which is shallow even at high tide.We recommend to wear surf boots until you get used to an intermediate level.High-speed ballet appears as size increases.

Fish Wave & Gibo

{Surf Tide} All Tide

{Best Tide} All Tide

{Surf Level} beginner〜

{Right or Left} Left

{Congestion Degree} Less crowded all year round

It is the fish wave that you can see a break in the southwest of Tikus.Since there is almost no surfers, you can surf all to yourself.There is even an early wave, but if you choose a break, you can play enough left break.There is a secret surf spot with deep water where it can be enjoyed from beginners.

-Surf Season of Mentawai-

Other than telescopes, there are no boat trip surfers coming, so we are free all year round. Telescope only In July-August, when the size exceeds the over-head size, large ships gather, and it becomes a tube session for advanced people.


In the high season, you can expect the biggest wave in Mentawai.Break of constant waves over the head.The telescope is crowded with surfers , so uncrowded local point is recommended.

There are only 0~10 surfers at the local point even in July to August, so it would likely have the area all to oneself.

The south wind is strong from 11:00 to 16:00, so we would like to recommend to surf in the morning and evening.

March~June September~November

Constantly, waves around the head break.The best season because of light wind is light and less people.There are available waves since there are a few core surfers and many middle-aged and elderly people.



Calm waves.Chest~Head.Not crowded at all the points.It is the best season for beginners to intermediates.Wind is also weak.


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