Traditional Villa

-Traditional Villa-

Traditional style villa of Padang region, Indonesia.Designed by a local artist, Tua Paejet.Use and make local materials. Standard for 2 or 3 bed rooms per room.Extra beds can be added for up to 4 people per room. It has no air conditioner and only fans available, but there will be chilly days sometimes in the morning and evening so you can spend comfortably. There is a deck in front of each room and it will give you a pleasant time.Also every Villa is an ocean front. As relaxed time after surf, you’ll be able to spend on the beautiful sandy beach.

-Room/Service Fee-

A fee per person (Tax Included)

2 people use in 1 villa 120 USD/Night 3 people use in 1 villa 100 USD/Night 4 people use in 1 villa  90 USD/Night (1 people use in 1 villa 160 USD/Night) *A minimum stay for more than 2 nights during a normal season. *During a high season(from April 1 to October 31) plus 17USD/Night. *A minimum stay for more than 4 nights during a peak season (however, it is possible to stay more than 4 nights from 4 months in advance, or more than 3 nights from 3 months in advance.) Contact us if you have any questions.

Additional Services (On-site payment)

*Boat price for surfing (1 per person 8USD or 125,000Rp) *Special Menu for meals (lobster, crab or others) *Exchanging Sheets (8USD or 125,000Rp per person) *Photo・Video shooting service *A half day trip for Scarecrows & Seven Palms (During only morning, up to 5 people 65USD or 1,000,000Rp)

Things included in the room charge

*Transport between Tua Pejat ⇔ Telescope surf resort *3 meals a day *Sumatra coffee・black tea *Drinking water

Calculation Example

[5 nights 6 days  A fee per person if 2 people use in 1 villa] 120USD × 5nights = 600USD For surfing 10 times  10times × 8USD = 80USD Total 680USD (A meal and boat fee included) Opening ceremonies Up to 0 %OFF 15% off room rate until April 20th,2020

-Enable to offer at low price-

Low Labor costs The reason why staying in Mentawai is expensive because of “labor costs.”In particular, if there are Western owners or staff, it will be more labor costs.Telescope Surf Resort is operated by only“local Staff”, so it can reduce the cost. Traditional Villa The villa is a traditional architecture of local materials and specifications.We do not use excessively costly furniture and keep it at a low cost. Eliminated excessive services For example, water and electricity are particular valuable at the actual place.For this reason, each replacing sheet is a paid service for your stays.Please bring your own towels and amenities.You are responsible for cleaning the room.There are frequent power outages, so it is not suitable for those who work at the actual place on the internet.This place is not suitable for those seeking a well-appointed urban service.A person who can simply enjoy the best waves of Mentawai, could have spent a pleasant time without c Cut off the intermediate margin It would cost you about 3000USD for Mentawai normal trip in 7 days.At telescope surf resort, the total price would be about 1500USD like a half price from the accommodation fee at 650USD, the airplane ticket price at 650USD, and other miscellaneous expenses at 200USD.We achieved the price destruction by providing directly without agencies. © 2019 Telescope Surf Resort